hey, i was wondering if you could give me some help. you've answered questions like this before but i haven't felt that they were detailed enough to allow me to take the advice onboard and be comfortable/confident with it, so...
basically ive always found it really hard to give head, it's more of a confidence thing than anything else, like i can't really get into enough because im always thinking shit what if he's not enjoying it? so i rarely give my boyfriend head despite the fact that he loves it, but recently i have given in and have given him head - kind of... i always seem to stop fairly quickly and i would LOVE to be able to make him cum, LOVE it! and i was talking to him about it and he said that he would love it if i uses my hands, so my question to you is, what exactly should i be doing with my hands? in fact what should i be doing in general?! sorry it's a bit long aha, thanks! xxx

First things first, if you were doing terribly your boyfriend will tell you about it.

I need to know what you’re already doing. Not in like so much detail that I feel like I’m in the room with you, just basic things like… what you do with your tongue and what you’re doing with your mouth. There’s no point in repeating to you what you already know how to do, you see?

Anyway, hands. What you need to do depends on what he wants. Ask him to show you how he’d like you to use your hands. I can tell you some things but, unless I’ve give him a suck, I cannot tell you what your boyfriend wants. So:

- You should create a seal between your mouth and your hand. Your index finger and thumb will become and extension of your mouth. Make those two digits into as best of a circle you can, without hurting his member in doing so. Try to keep it at the same pressue you give him a wank with, at first. Then you simply put it below your lips whilst sucking. After you’ve mastered that, you can try alternating the pressure at which your’ve got your grip. Make sure your fingers are wet.

That’s the best method that I know of. However, like I said, ask him what he wants from you.

Get back to me and I’ll be sure to help you when I know what you need to do more of or less of.